Who Is This Guy?

Frank McEntire, born 1946 in Wichita Falls, Texas, is well known in Utah as an independent curator, arts administrator, and writer, including regular reviews as the former art critic of The Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake Magazine. His sculptural works have been featured in several publications and shown in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. As a curator, McEntire has organized exhibitions for Art Holter Museum of Art, Sundance, Nora Eccles Harrison Museum, Springville Museum of Art, Access/VSA Utah, Salt Lake Art Center, and the Utah Capitol Rotunda. He has served in leadership capacities on the boards of the Andean Children’s Foundation, Entrada Institute, The Mesa, and the Utah Arts Council. As former executive director of the Utah Arts Council, he chaired the Utah Commemorative Quarter Commission and served on the Salt Lake County Zoos, Arts, and Parks (ZAP) Tier I Advisory Board, Capitol Art Placement Subcommittee, and Museum of Utah Art and History Advisory Board. He also served on several Governors’ Awards in the Arts selection committees, Lt. Governor’s Annual Invitational Exhibitions curatorial committees, and various arts panels and task forces.

"For spiritual introspection at a near-cellular level one turns to Frank McEntire's creations. His pieces are not easy to see. They are worth the effort to contemplate. Often!" ~ William Seifrit


Discarded religious objects become “stand-ins” for social values in McEntire’s work, found materials altered into something other than their originally intended use. Such juxtapositions and reconfigurations reframe imagery as commentary on contemporary issues, often with subtle humor. Although his assemblages and other works are personal explorations about current events, they nonetheless challenge a viewer's own beliefs and assumptions. In the process, they too become participants in creative practice.


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