February 2009

I’ve been reading a couple of opposite-end-of-the-spectrum books the last few weeks. One is an interview –rant –discussion–style book by Gordon Burn on Damien Hirst (On the Way to Work—Amazon and other book stores) and the other, a dream journal/mystical adventure/art processing introspection by friend and painter, Alex Bigney (Talking to Tesla: The Mirror is the Door—purchase through talkingtotesla.com). Both are thoroughly self-disclosing, more so than I’d ever have the courage to reveal. By chance (if there is such a thing), I came upon a box set in three volumes of the Sotheby’s auction catalog in the Springville Museum’s bookstore for $14 the same week Hirst’s recent works went for bid—$200 million in a down-turn economy. That’s as much a mystery to me as Bigney’s multi-year dream visits with Nikola Tesla.

If you’ve visited this website before, you know it’s been out-of-date for two years. Thanks to Shawn Rossiter for helping me get it back on track and to Mike Anderson and Bryan McEntire who made it happen in the first place

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