January 2010

To start the new year off with the illusion of an organized manner, I tidied the studio—as much as is possible—and provided photographic evidence of the attempt. The semi-trailer in the back of the studio off the loading dock that I use for storage is not, however, included; it’s somewhat of chaotic disarray since I had to consolidate two trailers into one just before Utah’s “greatest snow on earth” hit. (See other studio photos in my May 2009 posting below and a photographic essay by Kimberly Silcox at 15 Bytes. )

I was fortunate to have been included in six exhibits during 2009 (see below), two being solo, and trust continued activity in 2010.

· Spontaneous Memorial, Gallery 208, Provo, Utah, September – October, 2009 (solo).
· Spring Salon, Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah, April – May, 2009.
· Of Silence and Shadow, Pleasant Valley Branch Library, Ogden, Utah, April -July, 2009
· ReAppropriated Passion, Gallery 303, BYU Harris Fine Arts Center, Provo, Utah, June – July, 2009 (solo).
· Off the Shelf: Urban Artifacts, Art Access Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah, June – July, 2009.
· The Truth of Abstraction, Patrick Moore Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah, April – May, 2009.

As for upcoming writing ventures, there are two at my door, one in support of a probable retrospective exhibit of works by V. Douglas Snow that I’ve been asked curate: an exhibit catalog and an art book. The other is an article for 15 Bytes about being a small business art studio owner and receipt of an audit invitation (summons) from the Internal Revenue Service.


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