Fall 05

Since I cranked up the heater in the old red ford pickup truck on the way home from the studio this evening, I thought I should share a few summer time tidbits before the seasons officially change:

The Utah Cultural Alliance invited me to participate on a panel discussion about Arts/Culture Critics: How They Think held on June 21st. Other panelists included Celia Baker, Brandon Griggs, Claudia Harris, and Kathy Adams.

The Utah Valley State College Woodbury Gallery’s new director, Marcus Vincent, curated a sculptural exhibit titled, Regions of the Mind. He selected five of my works for the show, and I’ll be posting some installation views shortly. So keep an eye out for those.

Sundance published two of my essays in their new chap book. Uncoiling Spiral.

I was invited to install part of my Spontaneous Memorial in the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial to commemorate 9/11. Following is the blurb published in the catalog for the annual conference of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies:

Spontaneous Memorial, a participatory installation by sculptor and former executive director of the Utah Arts Council, Frank McEntire, is included as part of the Sunday morning “September 11th Memorial Event.” NASAA affiliates and the Idaho public are encouraged to write their thoughts about 9/11 on tags (3,000 total) that hang from an eight-foot square fence. Each tag, a collage fashioned from the New York Times publication, “Portraits of Grief,” represents a victim of the attack. McEntire anticipates the entire Spontaneous Memorial installation, of which the fence is but a part, to be completed by 2010.

National Endowment for the Arts chair, Dana Gioia, among other invited local and national guests, participated by writing a remembrance about one of his friends killed in the attack on the World Trade Center. Again, I will be posting some pictures from the event very soon.

The Entrada Institute invited me to discuss my work with their membership and the public on October 1st, with an introduction by board member, Hank Winawar. If you’d like to read his comments, I’ve put them up here. My Powerpoint presentation was built around five interesting findings as curator of the 1992 exhibit Dreams and Shields: Spiritual Dimensions in Contemporary Art for the Salt Lake Art Center: (1) Gain personal enlightenment and power to stimulate social change, (2) Give form to inner worlds and other states of being – the creative process, (3) Challenge the values of contemporary society and its basic assumptions, (4) Have an awareness of ecology and nature as sacred, and (5) Push the limits of symbolic boundaries – salvaging the sacred and redefining the secular.

And last but not least, I am being featured “On The Spot” over at 15Bytes. Feel free to check it out at your own leisure and peruse their site.

Cheers, Frank

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